Best 7 Facebook Games like FarmVille

FarmVille was one of the first few games that became quite popular on Facebook. It was quite addictive and people would treat it as their own farm where they would be cultivating fruits, flowers and vegetables.  You will find this game similar to that of the video game called Harvest Moon. This game came into existence in 2009 and within no time people started plowing, harvesting, planting and apart from crops and trees here you can also raise livestock too. You must have played this game at least once because everybody who is on Facebook is also part of this wonderful farming game mostly but there are exceptions too. The graphics of the game are wonderful and you will thoroughly enjoy the game without any complain. Looking at the popularity of this game, many games were introduced with almost the same features like techmsd.

So, here we are providing all your FarmVille fans some other best Facebook games like FarmVille which you can enjoy during your leisure time.

Best Facebook games like Farmville

FarmVille 2 – This game is the second version of the popular game FarmVille which was launched in September 2012. No when you have already played the first version then you already know what to do as the gameplay remains the same, but in the second version you will get much improved graphics and some new characters are added to keep up the interest of the player going. In this version of FarmVille 2 also you have to feed the animals along with harvesting the crops. The basic format of the game is maintained so that players can relate to the game and it can retain the essence for which this game became popular.

CastleVille – Another game from the developer Zynga, which has some feel as that of FarmVille. In this game of CastleVille you have to build your kingdom and help the followers too. This is the basic gameplay of this free Facebook app. The graphic quality is great and if you want to test our creativity, skill, then you can easily try this game. It is said that this game depends on your creativity level so the more creative you are, the more fun you will have playing this game. This game provides you the power to build and run ice-cream parlor, Library and here you will also be able to open various stores and shops. This can easily be touted as one of the best Facebook games like FarmVille.

PetVille – If you just adore your pet and always have pets around you then you can give this game a try as PetVille allows you to create your very own pet in order to start playing the game. Now you can decorate the house with various things, buy new clothes or you can even visit your friends. Then there are options like going out with neighbors apart from various other fun activities where you can fetch some coins that you will be using for some other purchases.

YoVille – This game also comes from the same developer Zynga. YoVille is a casual game, but one of the most popular games from Zynga too.  Here you will be working in the coin factory where you have friends and not only that you will be able to visit places with them, meet different people, furniture can be arranged, new friends will be made and all this task is accomplished to make sure that you are good friends with them. You can also visit places like Vinny’s Dinner, Nightclub, YoDepot, Furniture Store, beaches, Fashion Store and also to the salon.

City Ville – In FarmVille you are supposed to build farms and in City Ville you are supposed to build your own sweet little city. In order to build the city you will have to build homes and also farms and in the way collect coins which will help you purchase certain things. You can also collect special gifts for your friends who are also part of this game. The task that you will be provided needs to be completed within a time frame in order to become successful in one of the best Facebook games like FarmVille.

FishVille – The graphics of the game are simply superb and in here you will have to grow your aquarium with different types of fish and the entire range of underwater animals which will have to grow so that you can get points for that. This one is also touted as best Facebook games like FarmVille.

CityVille 2 – The gameplay is the same with improved graphics and technology. This format of the game is in 3D and here you will be unfolding mysteries to go to the next level. This game comes free of cost and it highly addictive one too.